Plans to close Grantham Hospital A&E are a cynical move by ULHT board members


Early plans to close Grantham Hospital A&E are a cynical move by ULHT board members to start their plans to down grade our A&E Services in advance of a Public Consultation due this Autumn.ULHT argue tbey are having difficulty recruiting staff yet we have been approached by some former staff members who advise the ULHT made no effort to renegotiate their contracts chosing to lose staff or use more costly locum doctors instead.

When acute services cuts were considered and implemented before local SOS Grantham Hospital campaigners argued it would make the hospital less attractive to new consultants who historically and successfully shared services across Lincoln Boston and Grantham.
that the trust is having difficulty recruiting is no surprise given the poor senior management decisions.

The closure of Grantham A&E at night puts the most vulnerable in our community and most in need at most risk. The hospital serves a community in excess of 100,000 people and has 3 of the poorest communities with highest levels of child poverty in the County at Harrowby Estate, Earlesfield and St Johns area. Low income residents, disabled residents and those unable to drive will be totally dependent on a poor if not nonexistent public transport system to get to A&E. residents without a car have been stranded at Lincoln in the early hours.

Whilst ULHT state their decision reduces risk the fact is their decision also puts local people more at risk especially patients who have acute breathing difficulties for whom time is of the essence.

Sos grantham hospital have an online petition which is being supported by petition forms being delivered across Grantham. The petition pre empts the autumn consultation but we urge as many people to sign as quickly as possible to make it clear we are still prepared to fight for our A&E services.

The petition may be used to call lincolnshire county council to consider our concerns. Further action is also being considered.

The petition is available at:

Anyone unable to access online services may call 01476574748. Electronic petition forms or paper copies of the petition are available by contacting SOS Grantham Hospital at 07429334260 or emailing

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