Petition to Reinstate Whisby Waste Facility not Processed by Lincolnshire County Council


Petition to Reinstate Whisby Waste Facility not Processed by Lincolnshire County Council

A petition signed by over 1,000 Lincoln residents asking to reinstate the Whisby recycling facility was not processed properly by Lincolnshire County Council

Councillor Rosanne Kirk says “I am very disappointed by the Conservative led County Council and their failure to fully adhere to due process in presenting the petition to ‘Reinstate Whisby Waste Facility’. Over 1,000 Lincoln residents who signed the petition have been dealt a double blow by the council who have not only closed a valued and well used facility, but have had their voices ignored.

The petition was signed by over 1,000 Lincoln residents and presented correctly on the 20th May to the Full Council Meeting . It should have been processed and then passed onto Reg Shore the Executive Councillor for Waste Recycling. However, the petition was not processed after being received. It was only after Councillor Rosanne Kirk became concerned that the Whisby site was already being mothballed that the the error was found.

Councillor Kirk went on to say “I am frustrated and annoyed for the residents who signed the petition and the many who have contacted me saying that they have already seen a rise in fly tipping in Lincolnshire and feel the council are not listening to their voice. This contentious issue actually had received national TV coverage and for the petition not to be processed even though I presented many of the residents comments to the full council is very regrettable.”

“After finding out that this important petition had been overlooked I asked for immediate answers from the council and the officers involved. I have been informed that it was an administrative error and this is the only petition to have not been processed correctly. I have received a further letter from Reg Shore who has said that even if he had received the petition it would not have affected his and the council’s decision to close the facility. I will let residents make their own reflections on this decision.”

“I realise that the Conservative government’s austerity programme has affected local government and we have seen the results in the closure of libraries, turning off of street lights, a maximum increase in council tax this year and the loss of a valued local service in the Whisby Recycling Facility. I would ask the council to think carefully on the decisions they make and the damaging effect they have on communities. I would also ask the council to put measures in place to assure that petitions cannot be overlooked. Residents have every right to voice their concerns and question decisions made. I am proud that so many people felt strongly enough to sign the petition and I am sure they will be disappointed and angry as to the outcome and the way the petition has been mishandled. “

Councillor Rosanne Kirk
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