Labour motion to full council opposing the closure of Lincoln Walk-in Centre


July 11th 2017
Motion to full council

On 12 June Lincolnshire West Clinical Commissioning Group (LWCCG) launched a public consultation on the future of the Walk-in Centre in Lincoln with a closing date of 6 August 2017. The proposals are set out in ‘Have your say’ document produced by LWCCG and can be captured in a statement in the document which reads ‘Walk-in centres create demand for self-limiting, minor conditions and NHS resources would be better spent on other healthcare priorities.’ The ”Have Your Say’ document and a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ sheet produced by LWCCG, accessible here, states that the centre opened in 2009, is used by about 100 people a day and in 2016 costed over £1 million to run.

It is argued that the LWCCG in their consultation document

  • have not demonstrated that alternative services have the extra capacity and are readily available currently to deal with the extra demand caused by the cessation of services at the Walk-in Centre.
  • have not provided statistical information to support the assertion that the 35,000 or so users of the service can be seen by a mixture of GP practices, NHS 111 and pharmacists if the Walk-in Centre closed.
  • have made no financial case to support closure to show that future delivery of services can be delivered more economically than the services provided at the Walk-in Centre which worked out at less than the £30 a visit  in 2016 (£1 million expenditure divided by the number of annual users at 35,000 a year).

For these reasons this council agrees that the Chief Executive should write to Lincolnshire West Clinical Commissioning Group opposing the closure of Lincoln Walk-in Centre.

To be moved by Cllr Robert Parker and seconded by Cllr Kevin Clarke