Labour call for halt to ‘hokey-cokey’ on-off street light plan


‘Tory U-turn shows street light switch off plans not thought through’

Labour in Lincolnshire has called for a halt to Conservative plans to turn off Lincolnshire’s street lights which has left residents feeling unsafe and ‘under curfew’.

Cllr Robin Renshaw (Lincoln East), Labour’s Shadow Executive member for Highways at LCC said:

“While we welcome today’s Tory u-turn which means they will turn street lights back on that they switched off at 10pm only last month, it is clear that the county-wide plan is in chaos and has not been properly thought through.

“What was supposed to be cost-saving cuts, now sees the added expense of a second visit to hundreds of street lights to turn each one back on just weeks after they set to turn off at 10pm.

“This on-off-on-off is fast becoming the hokey-cokey street light plan.

“Lincoln residents rightly protested when they were left in the dark last month and I raised safety questions on 20th May but they were brushed aside.

Cllr Phil Dilks (Deeping St James) said “Only a couple of weeks ago (20th May full council), Cllr Richard Davies (Exec member for highways) refused to consider my request to keep lights on until midnight in residential areas, claiming he would stick to his plan and not be diverted by ‘scaremongering’.

“While we welcome today’s concession, the Tories are still determined to rollout their big switch off of street lights right across Lincolnshire.

“Local communities across the county are still waiting to hear which streets will be plunged into darkness and when the switch-off will happen in their area.

“It would surely be sensible to now launch a proper consultation with parish and town councils and others with local knowledge before leaving anywhere else in the dark.”

Further information: Robin Renshaw 01522 823 730 or Phil Dilks 07729 656 710.