Evidence exposes Government plan for more Grammar Schools is seriously flawed



Evidence exposes Government plan for more Grammar Schools is seriously flawed – Labour

Evidence from across Lincolnshire reveals that Government plans to send more children to Grammar Schools would only entrench deep divisions in local communities.

At a meeting in Lincoln today (Friday), Labour county councillors will say why the plan for more selection is seriously flawed.

Proposing a motion for the plan to be scrapped, Cllr Phil Dilks (Deeping St James will say:

“When she became Prime Minister, Theresa May promised to govern for the many.

“Sadly, more grammar schools would only benefit a select few.

“Mrs May claims grammar schools improve social mobility.

“But where we still have Grammars and Secondary Moderns across large parts of Lincolnshire, the evidence exposes the stark truth that selection acts as a glass ceiling to the most socially deprived young people.

“The proportion of pupils entitled to free school meals is accepted as the best indicator of social deprivation: some 12% of pupils in Lincolnshire’s Secondary Modern Schools are entitled to free school meals, compared to only 3% of Grammar pupils.

“That blows the lid off the Tory claim that Grammars improve social mobility.

“Parents support the notion of a Grammar School in every town – until their own child doesn’t pass the entrance exam and is destined to find a place in a school for other 11-plus failures.

“Mrs May’s predecessor David Cameron was right when he said (May 2007) that establishing Grammar Schools was  “extremely difficult and… often leads to them being very unpopular and they are then got rid of”.

“He dismissed the Grammar School debate as pointless adding:  “…Parents fundamentally don’t want their children divided into sheep and goats at the age of 11.”

“Mrs May says every school will have the opportunity to become selective. But where a school in a rural area accepts her offer and rejects local children on academic ability, Hobson’s Choice for many will be getting the bus out of their community for secondary education somewhere else.

“Dividing and segregating children from their peers only serves to reinforce the deep divisions in our society, rather than challenge them.

“Results across grammars and comprehensives show that academic students can excel whether they are selected at age-11 as academically elite and destined for a grammar education or whether they are educated in a true all-ability comprehensive.

“Real school improvement and equality of opportunity comes not from selection but through schools collaborating, and being properly supported along with relentless concentration on the quality of teaching and leadership.

“If Mrs May is serious about improving educational achievement and social mobility, she should focus on ending the postcode lottery in Lincolnshire’s schools and concentrate on helping every child to reach their full potential instead of an elite few.

“For example, in some existing secondary modern schools in Lincolnshire, fewer than one in five pupils get five A to C grade GCSEs including maths and English while other similar schools achieve average results THREE times better?

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