Councillor Kevin Clarke

Profile: Councillor Kevin Clarke
Lincoln Boultham

Mobile: 07969 471191

Born In Boultham- Schooled in Boultham- live in Boultham – Campaigning for Boultham! Governor Sir Francis Hill School.

Councillor Kevin ClarkeCame to polities via trade union movement  which gave me a good grounding in how to represent people. First elected to the council in 2009 again 2013  and 2017.
The reason for being elected I believe is that people response to the campaigns I was involved in , examples- Boultham Library( it was stated the library was going to be closed in the round of cuts) after campaigning the library actually stayed open with additional 30 hours opened, Lincoln South fire station ( cuts in staffing levels proposed) again after campaign the County Council withdrawn their proposals and to be truthful on both campaigns the other political parties walked away from the issues and it was left to Labour to fight for services.

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