Councillor Julie Killey

Councillor Julie Killey

Profile: Councillor Julie Killey
Lincoln Park

Mobile: 01522 535726

I have lived in Lincoln for thirty years and I have a daughter who is at Lincoln University. I taught Economics and Politics at a local secondary school for thirty years. Since retiring I have had the opportunity to devote more time to active political involvement. I was elected in May 2017.

Since being elected I am trying to get to know my district better and have visited many local events and have been on walking surgeries with my fellow city councillors. I have volunteered at food banks (which I intend to do on a regular basis) and was involved in the closure of the walk-in centre protest. I am involved in the Sincil Bank Regeneration scheme and have met local residents in the Rivercare project and I really enjoy being involved in the community.

One of the most important contemporary issues is the funding of the health service and its  relationship with social care. This will only become a more problematic as life expectancy increases. As a shadow member of the Adult Care and Community Wellbeing Committee I am able to scrutinise county provision. I am also a member of the Planning Committee and we have just made the decision to have all the emergency service provision (police, fire and ambulance service) in one location at South Park. The new transport hub has also meant some modifications in terms of a new pedestrian crossing linking the railway and bus station and cycle lanes down both sides of St. Mary’s St.

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