Councillor Graham Cullen

Councillor Graham Edward CullenProfile: Councillor Graham Cullen
Lincoln Boultham

Phone:  01507 472943
Mobile:  07715 611732
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Everybody in the county pays for the services provided by Lincolnshire County Council through Council Tax and other taxation. In the last 4 years the Conservatives and their Independent partners have stumbled from crisis to crisis and cut services we all depend on.

Streetlights switched off, libraries forced onto volunteers to keep them open, whilst potholes go unrepaired. Locally, a great little village primary school and the town’s secondary school both closed.

I say “Enough is enough”. Tough decisions on spending should not always result in people of this area having to get a raw deal. We must make this area a great place to live and a good place to visit. Local people deserve good services and attracting more tourists results in extra jobs and support for local small businesses. Villages need better broadband to help them stay in touch and no further cuts to bus services.

We need support for agriculture and the environment. Public Health is now the responsibility of the council and it needs proper funding to ease pressure on the struggling NHS. I want to see improvements, not cuts: We need support for young people setting out in life, families to have good job prospects, older people to have the right care services at the right time and a fair price. All issues that I’m passionate about.

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