Complaint Street Lights Grantham / Grantham East Police Panel Outcomes


At the East Grantham Police Panel attended by Cllr Charmaine Morgan and local Police Officers a number of local issues were discussed.

Cllr Morgan commented:

There has been an increase in crime in my division, Grantham South, which appears to relate to the lcc street lights going out. Brazen burglars are carrying out multiple thefts emboldened by the total darkness some homes and rear gardens are now plunged into.

One burglar even commented to the police that he waited for the lights to go out before leaving his home.

Fortunately due to some excellent local policing and good fortune, in the form of a wildlife camera, the culprits have been caught.

However we identified the area off Somerby Hill, hill avenue and the sunningdale estate, beacon lane as being of particular risk in East Grantham. I am surveying other areas.

I have also received a complaint re Harrow Street and am dealing with issues on Oxford Street and College Street.

Now the lights have been off awhile Cllr Morgan has contacted LCC Highways to request that these areas are reviewed and if all lights are not switched back on, as LCC Labour Group proposed, that night lighting is strategically placed, at the very least.

The loss of lights, especially on sloping streets, pose a pedestrian hazard due to the irregular poor paving combined with the dark. Grantham is located on a valley with hills around it.

Cllr Morgan also stated:

Shift workers returning home at 2am are in total darkness, as are some elderly residents whose habit is to go out shopping very early, even in the winter.

Passengers walking back off late trains can be plunged into darkness as lights go off around them.

There is a general concern over the poor paving in grantham including the st peters hill area.

Cllr Morgan made a complaint when her own daughter fell regarding the uneven paving outside the busy Isaac Newton Centre but nothing has been done by LCC to rectify the situation.

She has asked LCC to provide details of complaints made by injured pedestrians across the county by area.

She said the council are not taking public safety seriously enough and new cost cutting procedures within LCC Highways have made it harder to report concerns. I am escalating issues raised and welcome comments from members of the public affected on 07398 156296.

We also discussed other issues including ASB issues in and around McDonalds and boy racing in local streets. It is a huge pity a small minority of young people are behaving in a manner that is not only inconsiderate, but when using vehicles, potentially dangerous. The local police are taking a welcome proactive tough stance after a period of attempting to work with youths. Speeding hotspots are being randomly monitored to catch culprits as well.

There is an issue regarding the loss of Grantham Youth Club facilities over the last few years which we are also investigating. In rural areas Parish Councils and Town Councils stepped in when county concil funding was cut. Our young people should have a safe environment in which to come together.

We also looked at the possibility of a local joint campaign to highlight the dangers of taking drugs, especially unpredictable designer drugs. Tragically accidental overdosing can occur. Given the night closure of Grantham A&E, the risk of fatality has increased. Help is much further away should an incident occur.

It was observed the overall number of PcSOs has plummeted over the last few years with skeleton crews now covering areas supported by volunteers. A new PCSO recruitment drive was welcomed by all and volunteers thanked for their important contribution to local policing

Best regards

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