Who pays for pot holes


Across the country pot holes repairs for the last 12 months was nearly £120 million.

The government accept pot holes are in fact a major issue thus setting up the “pothole action fund” instead of actually tackling the issue by proper funding for local councils to use on roads

So what is the real cost to Lincolnshire County tax payers ?

Labour Boultham Councillor Kev Clarke will be asking Lincolnshire County Council at the forthcoming full council meeting on February 23- pothole claims in 2012/13 against the authority mounted too £358,684 for 1,412 claims, what is the amount paid out in 2016/17 and did any of the funds come out of the governments pothole action fund.

Labour call for halt to ‘hokey-cokey’ on-off street light plan


‘Tory U-turn shows street light switch off plans not thought through’

Labour in Lincolnshire has called for a halt to Conservative plans to turn off Lincolnshire’s street lights which has left residents feeling unsafe and ‘under curfew’.

Cllr Robin Renshaw (Lincoln East), Labour’s Shadow Executive member for Highways at LCC said:

“While we welcome today’s Tory u-turn which means they will turn street lights back on that they switched off at 10pm only last month, it is clear that the county-wide plan is in chaos and has not been properly thought through.

“What was supposed to be cost-saving cuts, now sees the added expense of a second visit to hundreds of street lights to turn each one back on just weeks after they set to turn off at 10pm.

“This on-off-on-off is fast becoming the hokey-cokey street light plan.

“Lincoln residents rightly protested when they were left in the dark last month and I raised safety questions on 20th May but they were brushed aside.

Cllr Phil Dilks (Deeping St James) said “Only a couple of weeks ago (20th May full council), Cllr Richard Davies (Exec member for highways) refused to consider my request to keep lights on until midnight in residential areas, claiming he would stick to his plan and not be diverted by ‘scaremongering’.

“While we welcome today’s concession, the Tories are still determined to rollout their big switch off of street lights right across Lincolnshire.

“Local communities across the county are still waiting to hear which streets will be plunged into darkness and when the switch-off will happen in their area.

“It would surely be sensible to now launch a proper consultation with parish and town councils and others with local knowledge before leaving anywhere else in the dark.”

Further information: Robin Renshaw 01522 823 730 or Phil Dilks 07729 656 710.

You judge whether or not we are safe in the hands of Mr Cameron


The Conservative Government would like us all to believe that they can deliver personal independence and still be ‘safe’ in their hands.

Yet reality is proving this to be untrue with worrying potential consequences.

Under the Conservatives our Gross Domestic Productivity (GDP) has consistently fallen. Public debt has significantly increased from 60% of GDP under Labour to 80% now under the Conservatives. This equates to a current public debt of approximately £1.48 trillion and is expected to rise.

We will be paying £1 billion a week in interest by 2018.

According to the Office of National Statistics, the loss of British manufacturing jobs, which plummeted under Margaret Thatcher, has continued. So has investment in research and development, which is lower than in other EU nations. Whilst the Government slashed public sector funding it failed to create alternative jobs.

British industry and scientists need investment. A plea to the UK Government by Tata steelworkers, made in September 2015 should have resulted in a prompt reaction but did not.

Ill conceived planning and social housing policies are not only failing to deliver the homes we need but the impact on our younger generation, paying the price is unacceptable.

Iain Duncan Smith’s resignation highlighted how Osborne sought to save over £5m from disabled people whilst handing out a comparable amount to those earning more than £40k a year. Whilst this plan was thwarted, Osborne is not giving up his attack. In 2015 between 58% and 60% of appeals over ESA and PIP were won by claimants. Rather than consider a fairer taxation system that tackles a world record level of inequality, in response Osborne has given £22m to the DWP to recruit Presenting Officers with the objective of undermining claimants during tribunals. Yet I am aware of three local men forced to appeal and who subsequently died.

Other evidence is also mounting. Cameron is playing Russian roulette. Our membership of the EU and possible fragmentation of the United Kingdom are at stake. Our energy policy is a shambles. With North Sea gas at risk, a failure to invest in renewable energy has left us reliant on nuclear power and fracking.

As availability of qualified teachers falls, our entire school education system is to be uprooted with school academies being forced through.

Our NHS is at a crisis point with record A&E waiting times, junior doctors facing a return to dangerous long hour shift patterns, GP numbers reaching crisis levels, there is an unsustainable dependency on agency staff and local authority social care budgets are underfunded.

The underfunding of flood defences and leaked cuts to our Border Force also leave us more at risk.

‘Safe’ in their hands? You be the judge.

by Charmaine Morgan

Originally posted in the Grantham Journal: